Best Neighbour-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Best Neighbour-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and it's the time of the year when we give thanks to all the people that meant well to us - family and friends. But what about our next-door neighbours?

Giving them something special is the best way to strengthen your relationship and reciprocate their kindness and good neighbourly help for all these years. We want to make it easier for you to choose thoughtful, high-quality items that won't break your shopping budget.

Here are great holiday gift ideas for your neighbours.


1. Charcuterie Set

Who doesn't love cheese? Give your neighbour that perfect charcuterie experience with a beech wood board for their gouda or gruyere paired with an elegant-designed cheese knife set. Throw in a black marble wax paper to make their canapes and finger foods Instagram-worthy.

Key Choices:

Taylor Beech Wood Cheese Knife and Board Set

Shiny Knot Cheese Knives - Set of 3

TopStyle Black Marble Wax Paper 10 Pack


2. Cookbook

Why not give them a great cookbook so you can have an amazing potluck dinner the next time you drop by their place? They might pick up new mouthwatering recipes from it so they can bring in a batch of freshly-cooked tuna casserole for your next house party.

Key Choices:

Jamie Oliver - Together: Memorable Meals Made Easy

Supergood - Chelsea Winter

Homecooked - Lucy Corry


3. Scented Candles

Gifting your next-door neighbour a scented candle or a fragrance diffuser shows your more intimate and sentimental side. What makes this gift idea special is that there are a lot of classic and timeless scents to choose from that will freshen up their home the next time you pay a visit.

Key Choices:

Moss St. Peony Rose Mini Soy Candle 80g

Moss St. Vanilla Caramel Mini Fragrance Diffuser 100ml

Stoneglow Nature's Gift Apple Blossom Gel Candle


4. Mug

A perfect way to warm your neighbour's heart during the holiday season is this brilliant gift idea - a lovely mug. Choose from a variety of classic earthy colours from caramel brown to charcoal black. You may want to do something different by getting one with a floral design pattern.

Key Choices:

Livia Stoneware Charcoal Mug 360ml

Broste Eli Mug w/Handle Caramel Brown

Bone China Isola Mustard Mug


5. Pamper Pack

Perhaps you may want to put a smile on your neighbour's face by giving them a pamper pack. You have a variety of personal care and beauty products to choose from - hand lotion, body wash, perfumes, and specialty soap. Make them feel like they're in a luxury spa.

Key Choices:

Ashley & Co Soothe Tube Gone Green - Mortar & Pestle

Scullys Mini Hand Cream Collection

Moss St. Sandalwood & Sea Salt Hand & Body Wash 450ml


Made your choice already? Time to pack your neighbour's presents in a lovely gift wrap along with a personalised greeting card.

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