Best Summer Recipes and BBQ Ideas You Must Try

Best Summer Recipes and BBQ Ideas You Must Try

It is often said that New Zealand is blessed with the freshest produce and quality ingredients thereby making summer holidays the best time for the cuisine to shine with its amazing recipes and BBQ ideas. Whether it’s world-class dairy products, abundant seafood, or high-grade meat straight from the source, you have all the pieces to produce world-class meals without being a Michelin-starred chef or Masterchef winner.

With the abundance of ingredients to choose from the whole breadth of the North and South Island, it is possible to create distinctive Kiwi flavours that shine with Kaikoura crayfish, Whangarei and Mercer cheese, Hawke’s Bay cider, Palmerston North honey, Havelock mussels, and Roxburgh jams.
Did you know that New Zealand also produces the best beef and lamb in the world? That means, you have the finest meats to cook for your next summer barbecue.


Barbecue Mussels with Chili

When you have freshly-caught mussels delivered to your doorsteps, you probably have to grill them while they’re still alive. Then you toss them through spaghetti with garlic and chili for a fresh smoky appeal. Cut down the richness with a squeeze of lemon. Pair it with a crusty toasted bread. Serve it on a Verde Pasta Bowl for a more vintage look.


Ham Frittata with Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese on a frittata? Especially when you have one of the best cheeses in the world. You don’t need fancy recipes, just great ingredients in the mix is already a must-try food. This simple recipe includes fennel, pea, and local ham to go on top of your pan-cooked dish. Slice it evenly and then serve it on a Pyrolux Pyrocast Pizza Pan.


Salmon Soba Noodle Salad

One of the favourite local foods in the region is salmon. A unique Japanese-Kiwi fusion often results in something special - freshly-made soba noodle salad made from the mixture with edamame beans, spring onions, flaked salmon, and chili-lime herb dressing. Get your mix on an immaculate Robert Gordon White Garden to Table Salad Bowl.


Barbecued Crayfish

Who doesn’t love to have a barbie with a crayfish? It’s a simple regional dish that only needs this fresh seafood and your favourite compound butter. Once cooked on a Chasseur Oval Stone Top Grill, you can transfer it to a platter and serve with slightly-grilled lime or lemon wedges.


Peri Peri Chicken with Flatbread

Looking for a quick, easy meal to make? Just put on skewer an alternating lineup of chicken breast, sliced cucumber, and aromatic herbs and then grilled them evenly. Pair them with flatbreads and serve them with a dollop of peri peri yogurt sauce. Lay everything on a Mini Round Board.


Chimichurri Hot Dogs

Perfect time to grill your hotdogs on the barbie this summer. With the sun up and shining, this simple Kiwi BBQ is everyone’s go-to favourite. Elevate this by adding a helpful amount of chimichurri sauce and a spoonful of cucumber-tomato salsa on a Verde Serving Plate.


Classic Summer Lamb Salad

Summer is the best time to serve lamb with the freshest produce aside from the classic spuds and gravy. Use iceberg lettuce, beetroot, green beans, pine nuts, and basil pesto then pair it with baked potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and barbecued leg of lamb to bring that wonderful flavours of Aotearoa to your table. Bring it together on a Black Livia Stoneware Salad Plate.


Beef Roast with Crispy Potatoes

Who doesn’t love the good old beef roast on that vintage-looking Verde Roaster? Slow roast your favourite beef bolar cut and serve extra crispy potatoes on the side for the whole family and friends to enjoy. You will never go wrong with pumpkins, kumara, and other roast vegetables as well.
Don’t make your summer a dull and boring culinary experience. Try to do something different to excite your palate and impress your family and friends. Serve them with these best summer recipes on high-end dishware from New Zealand’s big name brands.

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