Finding New Zealand’s Best Beach Destinations of 2023

Finding New Zealand’s Best Beach Destinations of 2023

In the search for the best beach destinations, most people would often overlook New Zealand as a country rich with the most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world. Yet the truth is that the country has over 15,000 kilometres of coastline so surely, there are patches of sand and clear waters that will captivate beach lovers out there. There is something for everyone whether it’s frolicking under the sun or embracing the surfing waves.
In no particular order, we have selected the favourite New Zealand beaches that will fit your summer vacation plans:


1. The Black Sand Piha Beach

There’s something special with the black sands and foamy white rollers of Piha Beach that meets the eye. Although it is also infamous for its unruly surf and strong undertones, you can always marvel at the beauty of Taitomo Island and Lion Rock as you walk around the beach with your family and friends. Cover yourself up with sand and then wash every grain of it with Scullys Rose Moisturising Soap and Naturals Hand and Body Wash.


2. New Isolated Spot at the Coromandel

There are a lot of beautiful beaches at the Coromandel Coast but there is one isolated spot that may top it all - the New Chums Beach. As it is remote, you need a lot of rock-hopping to get there. You will be confronted by a beautiful golden beach with the glittering sea reflecting in your very eyes. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and seek refuge from this tranquil locale.


3. Sunset Stroll at Wharariki Beach

Sometimes a simple walk on the beach is more memorable than anything else, especially when you have a breathtaking view of a vibrant sunset. If you happen to be at Wharariki Beach then you will know you’re in good luck especially in the early morning and late afternoon.


4. Camp Out at Pūrākaunui Bay

There is a hidden gem of a beach just 16 kilometres away from the sleepy town of Owaka - the Pūrākaunui Bay. With its minor claim to fame in the box-office hit “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” the picturesque beach has breathtaking high cliffs, green native bushes, and perfect quiet spot for you to camp out. Just don’t forget to bring your Fresh Box Carre stackable food storage and Porter Green Insulated Steel Bottle for your campfire dinner.


5. Great Swim at Wainui Beach

If you want to enjoy the best swimming experience, take a dip at Wainui Beach. Known as “big water” in Maori, it offers great swimming and quality surf break thanks to its series of dunes and bushes. Grab your Weavers Cardiff White Towel before heading the waters.


6. Stunning Views of the Anchorage

Who would have thought that there is a sheer natural beauty that lies in plain sight at the Abel Tasman National Park. The Anchorage is known for its gentle sloping golden sand arc that is fringed by a lush green forest. Enjoy the stunning stretch of the coastal Great Walk or take a short magical ride at Cleopatra’s Pool.


7. Learn to Surf at Ngarunui

If you are brave enough to challenge yourself at a big wave then you may want to learn to surf at Ngarunui. This is a beginner-friendly beach patrolled by seasoned lifeguards, a definite safe swimming place from October to April. Get your surfboards up and you’re ready to roll!


8. Epic Journey at Scott’s Beach

Before we end this list, there’s one adventure you may want to try - the multi-day Heaphy Track journey. What makes it special? You will be able to reach a remote beach at the northern-most extreme of the West Coast Road through a scenic drive from Karamea to Kōhaihai. You will end up camping at a magnificent estuary and while you’re at it, you can get the fire going by having a barbie with your Pyrolux Pyrostone Square Grill.

Looking for more beaches to explore? Take time to venture in new-found gems anytime when you go on your next New Zealand getaways.

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