Five New Year's Home Design Resolutions for 2023

Five New Year's Home Design Resolutions for 2023

As we all bid adieu to 2022, we normally start planning to think about changes we would like to make as January comes along - whether losing weight, spending more time with family and friends, or doing that much-needed house renovation and redesign. If you happen to choose the latter, what kind of changes do you want to make? What sort of design trends in 2023 would suit your home?

If you don’t have your New Year’s resolutions yet, we have five design tips to help make your home a more beautiful and cleaner place to live in.



Start a clean slate in every room of your house by streamlining all your stuff and separating the things you want to throw out or give away. After all, decluttering is the best and less expensive way to make you feel better about your home. Not only do you get rid of old items that take up space but you also get to put in new stuff to make your space more interesting than last year. 


We know that we accumulate a lot of stuff every year that we rarely use. It’s a good idea to start organising all your possessions by separating essential items you want to keep whether it’s for everyday use or long-term storage. In the case of the former, minimise what you put on your cabinets and drawers so it would be much easier to find the things you use and enjoy the most.


When you have old, worn-out cushions and pillows lying around your living room, it's time to get rid of them and replace them with something new and refreshing.


Key Choices:

Atticus Multi Feather 45x55 cm Cushion
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Safety First

One of the things most people tend to overlook is a health hazard and fire risk. Find proper storage for household items that will put you in harm's way before you end up hurting yourself sooner or later. If you happen to see dirty clothes lying around, put everything in a laundry tub or basket. If you don’t have proper food storage for all your kitchen staples and leftover food, you run the risk of having uninvited guests - rodents and cockroaches. 

We can’t stress enough how important cleanliness is to you and your family. When you make it a habit to clean every nook and cranny of your home, you are making it safe for everyone. Invest in high-quality cleaning products to get rid of potentially deadly leaks, chemicals, and other residues on every surface of your home. Always consult with a professional home inspector when it comes to detecting lead and asbestos in your home.


Key Choices:

Hachiman Super Bucket Medium - Green
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Minimise Carbon Footprint

You may think that going green means that you need to have solar panels or own a hybrid car to make a significant difference. Well, that's not necessarily the case. You only have to be wise enough with your choices and channel that old-fashioned common sense of yours. 


So how do you cut energy costs in your household? 

  • Use LED bulbs and light strips to illuminate your space
  • Replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones
  • Switch off the lights and pull off the plugs as needed


Key Choices:

CareStyle Braun 5 Steam Generator Iron
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Start a House Cleaning System

It may sound like a complicated thing but keeping the mess under control is an efficient way of housekeeping. Most of the time, we tend to get lazy when we start seeing everything around us in total disarray. Don't let that happen!

It would be a great idea to organise your household cleaning chores into daily tasks and weekly milestones you have to accomplish.


Daily Tasks

  • Never make an excuse of letting dirty plates pile up on the sink every night.
  • All your dirty clothes should go to your laundry basket and not lie on the floor.


Weekly Milestones

  • Have proper cleaning items suited to every need at all times from glass cleaners to all-purpose cleaning solutions.
  •  Make a weekend cleaning day a habit to prevent the mess from growing out of control.
  • Divide the jobs among every family member and do a rotation to make things more interesting whether it's cleaning the bathroom or emptying the trash.


Key Choices:

Murchison & Hume All Purpose Cleaner 500mL Australian White Grapefruit Spray
Ashley & Co Topup Bench Press Surface Cleaner 1L


Simple Space Refresh

As the new year is upon us, we look forward to starting entertaining family and friends. But before we do that, we may have to start updating our living room first from the way it looks and feels and even to the way it smells. Any little changes we make will always make a difference.


You don't have to go for broke for a full house redesign, just a little improvement here and there would give your space a fresh new look. So what are the best ways to bring in new energy on a budget?

  • New color accents on existing decor would make your space brand new.
  • Simple furniture rearrangements would make new living experiences in your space.
  • Make your living area more inviting by bringing in scented candles and fragrance diffusers.


Key Choices:

Coffee Table Throw
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Are you excited to get things started? Start one step at a time until you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions in no time.


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