Five Ways to Upcycle Extra Gift Wraps this Holiday

Five Ways to Upcycle Extra Gift Wraps this Holiday

The holiday season is the time of the year when we receive a lot of gifts from family and friends. That means we get a lot of extra gift-wrapping paper, ribbons, and other packaging that we end up throwing all away. With a lot of garbage collected at the end of the holiday season, our gift-giving practices contribute to greater pollution of the street and our environment.

Instead of throwing away your wrapping scraps after you opened up your gifts, try and use them to make these crafts:

Custom Envelope

One of the best ways to make use of your extra gift wraps is to convert these into a more stylish envelope. Use the special design of the gift wrap as a way to decorate a plain white envelope. Want to use a specific floral pattern? Cut it out and paste it on the envelope or the letter inside.

Another way to do it perfectly is to deconstruct the whole plain envelope and paste the extra gift wrap on it. After that, you can cut off the excess by following the edge of the envelope. Once you're done, you can form it back to shape.

Christmas Tree Decor

Reuse your extra gift wraps by transforming them into colourful Christmas decorations. Paste it into cardboard, cut it out into circles, and fold it in half. Paste one half of the circle into another circle until a foldable ball shape is formed. Hot glue one end of a string to the other end and connect it to the top of the ball. Once you create enough balls, you can hang them on your Christmas tree.

Planter / Vase

If you happen to have indoor plants to add a little bit of green to your space then you may want to add a bit more of a design flair to the planter or vase. Use your extra wrapping paper by covering it all the way around. Repeat the next steps until all areas are covered.

Personalised Card

When you have a lot more gift-wrapping paper lying around, you can utilise the design pattern to decorate your personalised card by cutting out the design or creating letters from the coloured parts. Let your imagination find a way to effectively utilise the materials that you have.


Are you the type of person who documents memorable life moments in a diary? Why not use your extra gift wraps to decorate it to go along with your stationery and photos in the form of a collage or decoupage?

When you upcycle a lot of gift wraps, you are saving more trees from being cut down and converted into by-products that would be wasted and end up in garbage dumps. Do things differently this holiday by learning to recycle and reuse to save the environment.

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