Give Your Kitchen a Spring Farmhouse Look

Give Your Kitchen a Spring Farmhouse Look

Are you looking to see something new yet so familiar and timeless?

Spring is the perfect time to do some redecoration and design refresh to your kitchen. We all know that it is one of the most heavily-utilized rooms in the house and giving it a fresh, new look is well deserved.

If you prefer mixing and matching the latest home decor with vintage and repurposed items then a spring farmhouse look is the best option for you. Gather some reclaimed wood and worn-out furniture pieces and pair them with potted plants and spring-scented candles to get started with a simple farmhouse baseline.

Now that the long, dreary winter is all over, it’s time to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting once again so you start hosting Sunday lunches and dinner parties soon.

Prepare Your Checklist

Unlike modern design, you don't need to have a lot of new decors to achieve the lovely farmhouse look as you probably have some pieces already lying around in plain sight. You just have to let your imagination and creativity run while also noting some ideas listed here to get started.

Here is a simple checklist to follow:

  • Bring the greenery in
  • Make a floral centrepiece
  • Recycle old frames and reclaimed wood
  • Use bowls and ironstone pieces
  • Vintage glassware and mason jars
  • Unique vintage pieces and appliances

It’s All in the Wood

If you have lots of old wood that you can repurpose, you can transform them into great cutting boards. Just layer them out to add warmth to your kitchen as the worn-out wood grain gives a more antique feel as if these were pulled out from an old barnyard fence.

Little Things Can Make a Difference

One way to bring spring into the kitchen is by putting accent pieces to it. When you drape a lovely towel over the front of your sink, it will provide a splash of colour and texture, adding another dimension to the woodwork and vintage pieces. M.M. Linen and Laura Stoddart have lovely items with colourful floral patterns that would fit well with the spring farmhouse theme.

Give the Old a New Lease in Life

Accentuate the vintage appeal of the farmhouse look by adding a layer of coziness with some old artwork and antique pieces. You can mix and match whenever you see it necessary.

Have a Cuppa

It's nice to have something warm to sip in the kitchen every morning when you wake up to start your day. With that being said, you definitely need to have a lovely yet simple coffee station that fits with the springtime vibe. With your vibrant floral Lark Tea Towel, Lester Retro Mug, and Delonghi Brillante Black Kettle, your early morning hangout spot is good to go!

Bring in the Smell of Spring

The most powerful element in any space is smell. When you smell certain scents from flowers and fruits that normally bloom during the season, you will definitely feel that springtime vibe. Use a different combination of scented candles and diffusers to channel these aromas throughout your kitchen. Pair them with your naturally-grown herbs to fill your place with these wonderful aromas.

With these simple tips, hopefully you're inspired to do something interesting to your kitchen every time spring arrives. Kitchen decorations don't have to be complicated or expensive, you just have to be smart and creative enough to find which element works for you well.

So what do you think is your favourite tip here?

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