How to Give Gifts Better Than Santa

How to Give Gifts Better Than Santa

We only have a few more weeks or so before Christmas and soon we say adieu to 2022. It is the time of the year when everyone has to give gifts and presents to family and friends to celebrate the coming holidays. Yet, there is a certain pressure on everyone to give the right kind of gifts that would make the holidays even more special.

After all, you don’t want to receive the same old gifts and even some crappier surprises that you won't expect. You end up having to think about what you want to give and anticipate if they will like it or not.

What are the best gift-giving strategies that would meet Santa Claus' strict standards?

  1. Give something that solves problems

There is a reason why a gift is a gift, it should be something that the recipient can put to good use. Why not give mum the latest bakeware and knife set so she can make Christmas dinner even better? Give your baby a soft plushy or a lovely storybook.

  1. Avoid giving more problems

One of the reasons why some people receive bad gifts is because they receive something that creates more problems. Why? People don't like making more decisions.

Giving someone gift cards is letting them make the decision of finding the item they want. On the other hand, give them some leeway to make some decisions so when you gift them experiences with a proper schedule to make it. What they see is what they’re supposed to get. No bad surprises.

  1. Don't be too flashy

In the gift-giving culture, there are those who seek the glory of being the best gift-giver by buying presents with all the dazzle. The problem is that all the flash will fade away and the item will eventually lose its value.

  1. Give a gift that keeps on giving

We all know that it's the thought that counts. However, it only counts once so to keep the goodwill points going, seek something that has sentimental value.

If you want your recipient to remember their honeymoon vacation, give them something that would transform their bed and bath into the luxurious holiday spa they stayed in. Capture the moment when you made that romantic proposal to your significant other with the exotic aroma of scented candles.

  1. Personalise it

Give your gift a more personalised touch so that the recipient will feel that you have taken some time to make it even more special. Choosing the type of gift wrap, the gift card, and even the box you use will matter in the end.

When you make the effort, it gives certain emotions and elicits memories attached to the present thereby giving it extra value money can't buy.

  1. Don’t settle for less

It’s not how expensive the gift is, it’s all about the quality. Find out its true long-term value.

There is one question left to answer - are you ready to go gift-giving?

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