Make that Spring Decor in your Living Room Work

Make that Spring Decor in your Living Room Work

Springtime is the most anticipated season in New Zealand thanks to its wonderful weather from September to November. There are not a lot of people visiting the country as the tourism season peaks a few months later. That means, you get to enjoy the lush, green countryside while seeing the fruit trees in full bloom and adorable baby lambs frolicking around the pastures. Days are warmer and daylight hours are longer.

Just as mother nature awakens and beautifies your surroundings, you might be wondering how you’re going to do the same thing in your own living room. You got to start with some great yet simple ideas to add a little bit of colour and pizzazz to your home while staying on budget.

Bring the Green In

Mirror what you see outside on the inside by using a mix of evergreen and spring decorations in new and creative ways. It's only fitting to bring the green in by using stylish vases to complement the type of house plant you use to decorate the coffee table and corners. Ned Collections has a wide selection of modern-style vases in clean neutral colours.

At the end of the day, you can’t celebrate Spring without having a floral centrepiece. Give that much-needed makeover with a larger-than-life floral arrangement that will give a new breath of life to your room.

Refresh and Tweak

Sometimes less is more. You don't have to overhaul your entire interior design, you only have to make minor adjustments to make every single decor coherent. Reinvent your previous decors with something thereby breathing new life into your interior space.

Spring Cleaning

There are many ways that you can easily give your home a fresh feel but a great way to start is through a good Spring cleaning. Sometimes a little bit of elbow grease is necessary so take advantage of the extra hours of bright sunshine coming in. Once your space is all cleaned up, it would be easier to start switching up your decor. Try to throw in some pillows and slipcovers to liven up your couches and seats.

Seek Inspiration

If you happen to take a walk outside, you will see a lot of things that might be of good use for your Spring decoration. You might stumble across a tree stump that you can reuse as a paperweight or a bespoke furniture piece. A great idea is to embrace the sweet smell of the season with scented candles and diffusers from Broste, Murchison & Hume, Downlights, and Blend.

Let There Be Light

After a long and dreary winter, it’s a good time to let the natural light flow through your space to highlight your fresh, new decor. Reinforce the Spring colour scheme with your personal touches by switching your throw pillows with clean, light pastel colors with hints of blue and green with pops of pink and yellow here and there. 

By following these simple tips, you will be all set to go to welcome your guests this spring.

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