New Year’s Resolutions for a New Home Interior Design

New Year’s Resolutions for a New Home Interior Design

Every year, most of us consider making some changes in our lives especially when it comes to making personal resolutions. Of the many changes we intend to make, many often involve making certain adjustments to our home’s interior design. It may be a simple way of dusting the cobwebs of last year to a major overhaul of your space. This time, we are not just motivated by the usual goals but with a more original twist.

Here are some of the unique interior design trends that you can apply to your home in 2023:

Raising the Walls

We have been influenced by the idea that open floor concepts are modern design ideas we probably need to have. Yet, many floor plans have evolved since the pandemic. Although the latter promotes a more natural flow that helps build connections, there are certain aspects of your space that need to be closed off temporarily or permanently.
With everyone doing a lot more things as people are now working from home, it would be a good idea to create a more private space for everyone whether it’s a separate sitting area or your very own home office. The smart use of dividers and sliding doors can give open floor plans a much-needed versatile edge.
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Evolving the Kitchen Island

Although popular in most homes, the use of kitchen island has to evolve and not just another extra flat surface where you can prepare food and have a quick dine. The truth of the matter is that the precious space of the island has become an extension of the surrounding room. It has become a social hub where mums search online for new recipes, kids doing their daily TikTok fix, and dad reading the news next to his morning coffee.
Making your kitchen island more functional means you need to add more non-kitchen features so you can make the most of the space you have. Creating multiple work areas makes it easier to stay organise, entertain, and cook with family and friends.
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Upcycling the Old

Now that we’re in a new year, it’s the perfect time to upcycle all the old, unused things we have in the house. One of the best forms of upcycling is reupholstery of our worn out furniture lying around and collecting dust. Why not reuse old fabric to create new shades for your lamps. It’s time to say goodbye to that horrible uncomfortable sofa you have been sitting on all these years.
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Embracing Sustainable Design

The future lies in sustainability as more home designs and design hacks are taking a cue from the eco-friendly movement. There are interior designers that utilise energy-saving methods and reclaimed materials.
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New Colour and Pattern

Tired of the old dull colours inside your space? Perhaps, it’s time to embrace the more vividly coloured interiors of 2023 and beyond like Viva Magenta, Pantone’s new colour of the year. If you want things differently, you could go for interesting design patterns that fit your design taste and personality.
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Found what you need to reinvent your interiors? By taking a cue from our house design tips and using a little bit of design hacks, you will have a brand new looking home in 2023!

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