The Right Glassware for your New Year’s Eve Party

The Right Glassware for your New Year’s Eve Party

As we are all counting down to the end of 2022, all the cans of beer are in the cooler, champagne bottles are ready to be uncorked, and sparkling wine waiting to be poured. Any New Year’s Eve parties need a little bit of alcohol to wash down all the sadness and sorrow of the year about to pass as we all look forward to 2023 in a jubilant celebration highlighted with a toast of optimism in the air.

It’s the perfect time to bring out the right glassware for your home bar as everyone sips something refreshingly sparkly and bubbly just before the fireworks go out and people start singing their “Auld Lang Syne.”


Cozy and Intimate

If you plan on having an intimate night with your close family and friends then you might bring out your elegant glassware with a classic look. Go for the Luigi Bormioli or Bohemia Amoroso set perfect for gin, cognac, Chardonnay, or Bordeaux.

Key Choices:

Luigi Bormioli Optica Chardonnay 550ml Set of 4

Bohemia Amoroso Wine Glass 350ml Set of 2


On the Rocks

Feel like having a drink on the rocks? Grab a unique granite chilling stone set to enjoy the old fashion taste of brandy, whisky, and gin perfect on a cold, late-night wait for the New Year's Day festivities.

Key Choices:

The Connoisseur’s ROCKS Set - Twist Glass Edition

Manhattan Old Fashioned Glassware Set of 4


Cocktail Delight

If you happen to have a great mixologist in the house then you're in luck for a couple of rounds of cocktails. You just have to prepare all the needed barware to go along with your choice of drinks. One good choice is the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz, which is designed to cater to the needs and demands of a modern bar with each glass expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage.

Key Choices:

Spieglau Perfect Serve Small Long Drink Glass 240ml Set of 4

Avanti Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush Set of 4


Just want to have beer all through the night with your mates? Get specific beer glasses to enhance the flavour and lift the perception of mouth-feel and taste. If you're looking for the best ones, go for the finely-crafted German glassware with its contemporary design and clean-lined stem.

Key Choices:

Spiegelau Vino Grande Weizenbierglas 380ml Set of 4

Bohemia Lara Beer Glass 380ml Set of 6



Got kids and minors in the house? Get your non-alcoholic and fruit juices flowing from a special glass jug made by skilled artisans at one of the last few remaining glass factories in Morocco. Whether you're serving iced lemonade or sparkling drinks, your guests will be able to see what's being offered.

Key Choices:

Beldi Glass Jug 1L - Clear Blue

Noon Rainforest Glass Green

We all have our own way of celebrating the New Year and it shows in the type of drinks we offer and share. The important thing is we all bring that magical spirit of the holiday to everyone, especially with the people we love and care for.

Let’s toast for a healthy and fruitful year ahead!

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