Top Five Housewarming Gifts for 2022

Top Five Housewarming Gifts for 2022

Whether it's your first-time house purchase or rental apartment, moving to a new home is a momentous occasion that can be stressful at the same time when you are starting to unload all your personal possessions and boxes of other stuff. It's also exciting and worthy of a celebration.

If you know someone moving into their new place, a good housewarming gift is a great way to give them that support as they start transforming their space into a cozy and inviting home. But what should you give them aside from their favourite wine and bouquet of flowers? There are more thoughtful ways you can do to mark the next chapter of their lives.

Choosing the best housewarming gifts should be something between practical and luxurious. It may be an everyday item but it should be stylish and decorative. Consider something that the recipient won't be expecting to have. That means, keeping the element of surprise by giving them something they don't have in their previous abode.

Finally, personalise the gift with a special presentation that would elicit positive emotions and wonderful memories of their past abode. At the end of the day, it's all about the value you put into it and not the cost of getting it.

We have gathered a list of items that would be perfect for everyone at different price points, from scented candles and stylish vases to kitchen knife sets and elegant glassware.

  1. Scented Candles

The scent is one of the first things you notice when you walk into someone else's home. The smell is something that will impress guests the moment they open the door.

When you're giving someone housewarming presents, you can never go wrong with scented candles from Ashley & Co. Consider these items as house perfumes as these set the tone and atmosphere of your home. Just when you whiff at the sweet-smelling aroma, you will know how inviting and cozy the place is.

  1. Kettle

It may be a simple item but the first thing you do when you start living in your new home is have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. And the perfect gift to give is a kettle.

It may be a necessity in every kitchen but it should also be good looking as well. There is one kettle we can think of that makes a great gift - the Delonghi Brillante Black Kettle. Surely, it will delight tea and coffee lovers alike thanks to its unique geometric design and precious finish as well as its amazing features.

  1. Towel

There is one thing that will immediately make your bathroom experience more luxurious - having a fresh set of soft, fluffy towels. Your recipient will surely appreciate giving them soft cotton towels that will create that spa-like feeling.

For starters, you probably want to bundle a pair of bath towels, hand towels, face cloths, and a matching bathroom mat. You can choose from a variety of brands like Weavers, Tusca, Pompom, and Tacori Xo.

  1. Decorative Vase

Most people give out flowers as a common gift for people who just moved home. The homeowners wouldn't want to leave it to wilt into an unsightly mess so they need a good container to put the flowers in. This is why a decorative vase is a great housewarming present.

Inspired by Vietnamese artisans, Ned Collections has a variety of specially-designed vases with a modern colour palette.

  1. Kitchenware

Get your recipient started with home cooking with a proper set of cooking utensils or kitchenware like the Joseph Joseph's Nest 9 Plus Food Prep, Nest Utensils Plus, and Folio Steel Carbon Black Chopping Board sets.

Those gift items will surely impress your recipient and their guests that will visit their home to toast a new beginning.

Alora House is your one-stop shop for an affordable, top-notch range of specially-curated housewares and gift items from big-name brands like Avanti, Bakemaster, Dreamticket, Victorinox, and Laura Stoddart.

Its niche hotel-quality items will help you transform your property into an Airbnb-worthy rental. Check out the latest products in their collection:

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